Singapore ambassador Secret sauce to academic success is quality teachers

0SALT LAKE CITY — In the space between Singapore, which stands at the top of international academic test scores, and the U.S., which sits in the lower half of those scores, are a variety of structural and cultural differences in education practices.

But a key diplomat of the small country in southeast Asia says there is much that Singapore and the U.S. can learn from each other when it comes to the success of their students. And there are some elements of teaching that, by necessity, are singular to each place.

“We’ve been doing well in all these tests,” said Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Singapore’s ambassador to the U.S. “We’re also careful to say, we’re actually not a model. We’re unique because of the nature of our geography and our society.”

Mirpuri is in Utah this week to meet with state leaders, business leaders, students and representatives of Brigham Young University, as well as general authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was brought to Utah as part of BYU’s Ambassador Visits Program.

Singapore, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year of independence from

Students teachers hope education will be a high priority for lawmakers next year

0SALT LAKE CITY — Less than a half-mile from the state Capitol, Rep. Steve Eliason posed a question to a class of fourth-graders at Washington Elementary School: “Who can tell me what we do in the Legislature?”

An array of guesses rang out as half the class stretched their hands in the air.

“Try to help the government?” one student hypothesized.

“Decide to build roads and get more train tracks?” guessed another.

“Earn a lot of money?” a third student asked.

Once Eliason, R-Sandy, explained the role of the Legislature and his duties as House chairman of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee, the discussion turned to weightier matters.

“Me and my friend live in The Road Home,” said one boy. “There’s a lot of people who are homeless in the streets. … I think we should have more shelters.”

Another fourth-grader expressed frustration with what he sees when he’s not in school.

“I live right by The Road Home. There’s been lots of problems, like drug dealers and shootings,” he said. “We need to fix that in our city.”

Those and other concerns came up Monday as several state leaders met with

American Fork band returns to Idaho competition 6 years after tragic accident

0POCATELLO — The American Fork High School Band has done more than its fair share of traveling for competitions. It has even been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Band director John Miller joins his students on all trips, but traveling into the past isn’t something to which he’s accustomed.

In the parking lot of Holt Arena at Idaho State University on Saturday for the Mountain West Marching Invitational, Miller reflected on the last time he was there.

“It brings back a lot of emotion,” he said. “This is the very spot where we parked last time. When we finished the performance, I gave her a hug.”

Miller is talking about former woodwind instructor Heather Christensen, who was killed in a bus accident on Oct. 10, 2009, while the band was heading back to American Fork from the same competition in Pocatello.

“It was a horrible night,” Miller said.

Students who were on the bus said they saw Christensen, 33, reach for the steering wheel after the bus driver blacked out. The bus veered off I-15 about 50 miles north of the Idaho-Utah

Tips To Know Before Playing Games Online

Casino games are not foreign, even online casino is not less common. You surf on internet, then you will get number of options. It sounds that simple, nevertheless, it is not that simple at all. Online casino game is somehow risky, and yes, some scams may occurs. Better drop the idea? It is not necessary, ensure only that you know reliable supercasino that provides you with any information that you need to start playing casino games online. As a newbie, it is not that easy to distinguish trusted online casinos with those that give you nothing but fraud.

Rather you search around one by one, which equals to much efforts and confusion, land on particular site like the aforementioned, it is way more simpler, asking why? There you will find guidance that is essential. For new players, no wonder that you will experience many hassles, first to choose the right online casino that fits you, second to survive and to win the game. It includes review from bunches of casinos that are available online. Reading the reviews you will attain big picture about what you get in case you choose particular online casino. Thence you know whether that is your

Enroll for a Landmark Forum Program to Lead a Better Life

The number of people that are enrolling for landmark education programs is increasing by the day. There are times when a person feels like all is lost. This is a time when you feel like there is nothing meaningful in your life. This is the feeling that will bring you down to a state where you feel like everything that you have to do is like a huge mountain that you have to climb even when this is within your possibility realm. This is the time when you should enroll for a Landmark program.

Why enroll for a Landmark program

Being part of a Landmark program can seem daunting. However, it will bring you closer to life realities. When you participate in the program or seminar, you achieve higher life standards. You also acquire courage that is required to take appropriate, bold steps in life. Perhaps, the most important aspect of enrolling for Landmark programs is the fact that you are able to think beyond your existing viewpoints and situations. Altogether, life seems different to you by the time you complete your program. Generally, the program gives you a transformative experience.

Renewed relationships

Landmark forum program renews relationships. It brings about a

Some of the differences between Rare Earth Magnets and Ceramic Magnets

Introduction –

Ceramic and rare earth magnets are both known as permanent magnets. These magnets are composed of special materials which have the quality that if they are magnetically charged they will retain the magnetic charge for years. The magnetic charge can only be discharged if the magnet is destroyed.

Even though both ceramic magnets and rare earth magnets fall into the same category of permanent magnets but they are different from each other in terms of strength, composition and other qualities.

Here are some of the main differences between rare earth and ceramic magnets. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Chemical composition –

Ceramic magnets are most commonly known as ferric magnets or ceramic disc magnets. They are made up of two main components barium ferrite and strontium. There are basically two major types of rare earth magnets and they are called samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron.

The reason neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt are categorized as rare earth magnets is because they are made up of lanthanide series.

  • History –

During the 1960, ceramic magnets became very popular in the market. They came in use because they were more powerful and less expensive than steel magnets and aluminum nickel cobalt.


What exactly is the point of an art school?

P 5

Arts schools can be found in every corner of the world. Few years back, the main objective of arts schools was to enhance the skills of students who had the interest in painting, drawing and other traditional artistic careers. However, the things have changed significantly throughout the past few years and now they offer a variety of other programs, degrees and certifications. These programs have the potential to satisfy all the creative talents of students who are looking forward to be professional artists in the industry.

The courses offered by modern world art schools include choreography, dancing, advertising, culinary management, interior design, web design, graphic design, game and art design, music and art. If you are a person who shows an interest towards fashion, you can also think about attending an art school. That’s because most of the arts schools now offer retail and fashion management related degrees for the people in need. Likewise, students who show an interest towards acting can enroll in a program that is about camera and motion pictures.

Looking for the Best Essay Writing Websites on

There are a lot of essay writing websites that are now available online that offers free essay writings in different niche that you can use for school projects and assignments. But the only problem with this is that, you are never sure if there essays are factually made. But I am pretty sure that there are still some websites that offers quality essays the only thing that you should do is to know and identify the best essay websites.

  • Look for their sample essays.

You have to look for their sample essays If possible so that you would know how well they write and if their claims about their websites are true or not. It is just like shopping, we need to see their sample products first before we are convince of their services that they offer. I’m sure they will proved sample essays or post it in their websites just for their possible clients to see it. Since we are going to use this for our school projects and assignments, we have to be pretty sure that their articles and essays are well written since we are being graded by our teachers and professors there.

All about Neodymium Permanent Rare Earth Magnets and Their Applications

Basically, Neodymium magnets are rare earth permanent magnets that are made from alloy of boron, iron, and neodymium. They were discovered in 1982 to offer an alternative to another category of magnets commonly called samarium cobalt. Magnets that are made from this alloy are usually the strongest kind of rare earth magnet.

Why Neodymium magnets are popular?

These magnets are very well known for high remanence as well as energy product. This implies that they have relatively denser as well as stronger magnetic fields than other magnets. These magnets have higher coercivity. It means that they can strongly resist demagnetization.

Bulk neodymium disc magnets have many applications in many areas in the modern world due to their strength and desirable properties. They can even be used in manufacturing musical instruments, computer hard drives, audio devices, and even in magnetic motors.

Generally, two methods are applied in order to make neodymium rare earth magnets. These two methods are sintered magnet process and the other one is bonded magnet process. Sintered magnets are generally manufactured by crushing compound into powder and heating it till the particles stick properly to each other.

Some important things about Neodymium rare earth magnets

These magnets are called permanent since they are

Requirements and Certification of a Paralegal

Before you get down to studying and the process of applying for a paralegal education, you need to know what this field actually requires you to know and have (in terms of certification). Read the article below to know the requirements of education and certification in the paralegal field.Requirements and Certification of a Paralegal


A lot of people claim that certification is not obligatory to become a professional paralegal, however employers insist on the necessity of proper certification. In order to obtain a certificate you are generally required to have between 18 and 45 credit hours. As when going to such programs most students are already working, the programs are specifically organized in the evenings to give a possibility to obtain a certificate to anyone. Many if not to say most certificate paralegal programs can actually be completed within only one year, even on a part-time basis; if you are not able to dedicate so much time for the studies, you always have a possibility to take longer terms for completion.

How a Graduate Recruitment Agency Makes Life Easier for New Graduates

To the Future

To the Future

Simply graduating is not enough ticket for one to land a well-paying job these days. Even when you have a diploma to show and awards to back it up, these do not mean a lot of things anymore. This is because most companies value experience when hiring. After all, experienced people do not have to be trained and so it becomes cost effective for companies to hire them than fresh graduates.

For this reason, plus a lot of other factors as well, new graduates can do nothing but face countless rejections and scouring for job wherever they can. Seeing the situation that the new graduates are in, many agencies opted to develop a solution so that new graduates can have easier life and land a job as soon as possible. The solution that is making a wave in job recruitment is through existence of graduate recruitment agencies.

What is a Graduate Recruitment Agencies?

Graduate recruitment agencies works much like any other job recruitment

By Improving Early Child Development You Give You Kids an Edge in Life

P 2We hear it all the time from child psychologists: “Start teaching them early”. And we all know that it makes sense. But what exactly does it do for children to start teaching them the essentials early on, and what can you do to start?

There are several things that you can do as a parent that help prepare your child early on for the future, and they’re not as difficult as you might think. For example, to help teach about the letters of the alphabet, you can use textures. Toddlers learn the most through touch, and helping build those sensory memories can have a long lasting effect that can help them in the future. A way you can capitalize on this is by taking a felt board and drawing the letters of the alphabet on it. Give them the opportunity to feel the letter with their fingers. This helps them get a sense of the structure, and will be captured in their minds a lot more effectively than simply showing them the letters and reading them off.

  Effective Methods for Boosting GP Surgery Income

For anyone working in the sector for any length of time, the Primary Care environment seems to be one of near constant change and increasing complexity. Unsurprisingly therefore, maintaining profitability long-term represents an extremely common struggle for property owning GPs. More practitioners are feeling the squeeze than ever before and finding themselves in positions where seeking effective methods for both boosting income and minimising expenses is becoming increasingly challenging.

The good news however is that there are various ways and means by which income can be bolstered significantly. It’s simply a case of considering all of the available optionsand seeking the advice of independent professionals.

So for those exploring the various possibilities for boosting surgery income, here’s a brief overview of five tried and tested methods that could certainly help:

Consider a Pharmacy Co-location

First and foremost, the addition of any other complementary services to the surgery could make an immediate and significant difference.  The most common and obvious example of this is the co-location of a pharmacy. Up and down the United Kingdom, pharmacy companies are practically crying out for potentially lucrative space in the same building as GP surgeries. If you are able to make space available, it may be possible

Common Traps to Avoid when Selecting Student Accommodation


You’d be forgiven for assuming that the process of finding student accommodation in St Andrews is actually quite easy. And indeed it is – finding high quality/appropriate student accommodation on the other hand…not so much!

Technically speaking, the fact that there is such an incredibly abundant supply of student accommodation available these days is really nothing but a good thing. The prospect of literally every housing option becoming unavailable and thus presenting serious problems for new students late to the party just isn’t a reality anymore. But at the same time, all accommodation on the market is most certainly not cut from the same cloth.

Success largely comes down to the approach taken when viewing, considering and selecting accommodation in the first place. So for those in the process of seeking quality digs, or planning to do so in the near future, here’s a brief rundown of six of the most common traps to avoid at all costs:

1 – Signing Without Viewing

It might sound crazy, but there are literally tens of thousands of property seekers each and every year in the UK who agree to rent properties out without even having viewed them. This is true across standard private rentals,

Complete Networking Solution by Cisco Customer Support

Cisco is one of the most renowned companies on this globe for assisting with technical support to the customers. Whenever you are facing a technical issue, then the first and the best resort is your Cisco Customer Support. Once you scrutinize a problem, the tech-support is ready to render their uninterrupted services. Cisco routers are one of the essential devices for the people who extensively travel and their work needs no disturbance from the router services.

The company provides the users technical help which dazzled the end users so much that they always prefer and refer people to completely trust Cisco technical support. Cisco routers provides wireless devices which assist in carrying strong signal strength which aids in doing the beneficial work anywhere and at any point in time. To swift up the matter of contention and resolution procedure, always gather all the essential data before you get in touch with the technician in order to get rapid assistance.

There is certain information which is most of the time needed by the tech supporters to assist you with networking solutions are:

  • Listing arrangement of all the routers
  • Undocked specifications of all the routers
  • Portraiture of changes should be made to the network before the

Join a kids science franchise with Little house of science!

Looking for a fun, interactive and nurturing environment to educate little ones in the areas of science and math? Or are you looking to start up a unique educational platform to fill the gap in the lack of businesses operating educational resources for little children? Look no further than Little House of Science!


Little House of Science provides project based science workshops that combine practical hands-on experiments with take home notes and parental items. These science workshops are specifically designed for children aged 3-4, 4-7, 6-8 and Big Science 8-11 years old. There is even a “little maths club” for toddlers aged 2-3 and 3-4 years old to learn simple mathematical concepts. There are new topics every week and learning mediums such as music, games, shapes and colors are used to engage these young children. What’s more is that there is “Little Discovery” workshop that is tailored towards babies aged 6-12 months and 12-24 months—with their mothers’ of course!

Children start learning from a very young age and wish to fulfill the curiosity and enthusiasm of their surrounding environment. As you can see

How to pick up ace writing skills

When you go to college, you’re there to learn. You pick up lots of information and knowledge, but one vital skill is missed off the curriculum – how to put that knowledge together and write a paper. How can you form a coherent argument and answer the question satisfactorily? Often you have no idea what your professor is actually looking for, or what kind of approach is best. This leaves you floundering and uncertain of what to do next, which means that you end up running out of time, panicking, and hastily throwing together a paper that scores disappointing marks.

You know that you’re capable of so much more, you’re just being defeated by not knowing how to write the paper. Fortunately there is help at hand, thanks to essay writing companies. Every student needs assignment help at times, for whatever reason, and it’s perfectly understandable that one of those reasons might be not knowing how to go about structuring a paper. After all, you’ve never been shown how to put one together.

You might feel uncertain about purchasing a paper. Isn’t that dishonest? Won’t you just get a paper that’s freely available on the Internet and

Effective Management of School

In this advanced era, technology plays an important role in nurturing the human life and their upliftment. ERP implementation breaks the traditional path of school.ERP implementation makes the task of school more transparent rather than the previous time. It gives pace and uniformity in the school operation in an effective way.


API integration: – The API (Application Programming Interface) offers various methods of integrating the modules of school department.API helps in establishing an effective relationship between teachers and student. It enhanced the productivity and efficiency of the educational institution.

Real Time Report Generation of School: – With the help of the educational ERP system, it makes possible to generate the real time reports of school data and information. It makes easy for the user to access data by just a single click. So, if a user requires details of all the students’ details or their courses in school, then it is easily available by using an ERP system for the school.

Payment Gateway Integration:-Parents can easily pay their child’s monthly fee by using online payment gateway without coming to the school. It saves a lot of time of the parents. The payment gateway is

Studying in Germany the Right Choice for You

Germany is a gorgeous country to study and employers give more priority to German universities degrees worldwide.

German Degree Recognized all over the globe:

Higher education in Germany is the best around the globe. You make benefit from German extended and well known university tradition in the fields of science and engineering.

Opportunities for studies are huge:

Higher education system in Germany is amazing for everyone, with almost 450 qualified universities with around 17,500 degree programs. Universities in Germany offer degree programs in each possible subject and Bachelors, Masters, doctoral degrees or state examinations. Most of the universities strongly focus on scientifically leaning study in a wide range of discipline. Applied science universities are very practice oriented. If you are more interested in creative subjects, you can enroll at a college of film, music or art. You can enroll yourself at college of music, art or film, if you have an interest in creative subject like films and music.

Study in English:

Most of the offered course and degree programs are in English, particularly at the Master Level degree. So it is not necessary for you to learn German language for study in Germany

Multicultural in German Universities:

In Germany around 12% of students come from different countries.

Vital steps to be followed to create an impressive report

Let us discuss some important steps which are explained in depth, that every student should follow to create a brilliant academic report.

Report writing:

Many times, in a professional career or academic studies, you have to prepare reports that should not only be written to impress the readers, but also convey your message in a concise and precise way. The whole process is not as easy as it may seem, for it involves a lot of persistence and hard work while researching for the ideas to be incorporated in the report. A report is certainly not something that is written overnight, but requires many sleepless nights to come up with a worthy report. No matter for whom is the report intended to be written, there are a few things we must know about before taking up the task.

Essential elements of a good report:

The foremost need to write a quality report is to establish a deep understanding of your target audience. For example, if you are preparing a report for a corporate group, your language as well format of the report should be likewise. However, if your report is aimed at common personnel, then you should avoid business jargon.

Your report should briefly contain

Find Best Homeschooling Curriculum

Homeschooling curriculum folks choose to teach their child at home, either instructing their youngsters themselves or contracting a mentor. The obliged course of studies is characterized by state governments and is normally accessible from their sites. Albeit seventh grade curricula can change from state to state, there are numerous measures that apply across the country.

Dialect Arts

Seventh grade Homeschooling curriculum in dialect expressions concentrate on vocabulary. Understudies are obliged to peruse and dissect books, short stories and plays, and ought to be taught to outline books and sections through expositions. Different abilities understudies are required to form are sensationalizing stories into plays while utilizing right accentuation and dialog strategies. Understudies improve beforehand created aptitudes in note taking and referencing, and they figure out how to utilize expressions, illustrations and sayings in their composition of articles verse sorts and in addition melodies and myths is additionally on the educational program notwithstanding perusing and investigating true to life, including accounts and collections of memoirs.


The 7th grade math educational module is broad and, and number juggling, incorporates variable based math, geometry, likelihood, investigation and estimations. Understudies are required to work unhesitatingly with numbers, divisions and decimals. They gather truths and measurements discharged by. translate

Why Students Love Ayurveda Training in India

Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine useful for treating deadly diseases. The medicines used in this system of treatment are purely natural and obtained from herbs, oils and even leaves of plant. System is being popular all across the globe as an important way of treating deadly diseases. Massage is an important form of treating the body to soothe the pain also being popular across the globe. Even healthy people can enjoy the massage as it promotes blood circulation, reduce pain and nerve stress that help in preventing illness. To achieve such amazing result, it is essential for the patients to take massage from skilled massage therapist. The demands for therapists have increased manifolds in the market these days. To meet the rising demands of massage body work expert, numerous institutes have come up in the India. But, it is essential for students to ensure training is taken from the right institute. Let us look at the benefits of taking Ayurveda training from India.

India is the origin of Ayurveda and has been developed by the sages since ages in the country. There are numerous experts that are preserving the traditional system of medicine nicely. To get original knowledge of

The Impact of social evils on students

For any nation students are a valuable asset. If these students are negatively nurtured the entire nation may pay the price. This write up will elaborate what social evils are influencing our children today in the society and how to save our children from them.

A lot of things apparently look nicer for our children and youth but are completely different from the inside. A wise person is the one who can sneak into the reality without getting misguided by appearance.
In order to realize the evils of today’s society we have to take a deeper look into the system and surroundings are children are wrapped up with. How these things play a role in the mind making process of our children that we do not want.
From cartoons to videos games a negative stigma is being penetrated in youth with planned objectives of dismantling the society. We will analyze different methods being used to inject the negative doctrine into the youth through modern technology.

1. The social evil of video games.

It hasn’t been a long time when video games used to have a positive story line where Mario used to save the princess from a dungeon dragon. But things have gone