Month: July 2018

Becoming A Sushi Chef

The Japanese word Itamae literally means ‘in front of the board’. It is referring to the cutting board, which all top chefs who specialize in sushi fort Lauderdale know as well as they know how sticky the rice has to be.

In Japan becoming an Itamae of sushi takes years. In the first place, the wannabe must spend about 5 years working as an apprentice to a master Itamae. After five years of preparation, the first task is leaning how to prepare the rice faultlessly.

Perfect sushi rice is a snowy mountain of fluffiness, but it is also unique to the master Itamae. Once the rice is grain perfect, the apprentice may move on to the next subject of mastery. At this point the apprentice becomes a waiikita – this word means near the cutting board.

Waiikitas still perform only a part of the task at hand. They might be involved in slicing scallions or preparing slivers of ginger which must be unflawed because sushi must look impeccable and not just taste heavenly.

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The final stage on the road to Itamae comes when the waiikita is allowed to prepare sushi for take-away customers. During this time, he (and in Japan, he usually is a he) will watch how the master Itamae treats the customers. Interacting with the customers is another part of the experience a diner will expect in a sushi restaurant in Japan. The experience affects all the senses, not just the taste buds.

To become truly Itamae, when the suffix -san is added to the title, to become Itamae-san, the waiikita must be able to create nigirizushi. The word means hand pressed, but to a sushi master it has one specific meaning. In nigirizushi every individual grain of rice must face in the same direction.

Finding the Right Catering for Your Event

When was the last time that you looked at what it was that you wanted to do in relation to your big event? Are there things that you were concerned about doing, or that you hoped you would be able to find? What about working out what it was that you wanted to do in regards to your event situation? Are there options that make sense and that can give you what you’re looking for in relation to your situation and needs?

Getting everything done related to your catering spokane wa is a good first step when you’re looking to host any sort of event. Without good food, you will find that you have some difficulty when it comes to finding a majority of people that want to come. People always come together around food and you will find that the amount of people will always increase if it’s great food. You may even get some unexpected visitors that want to come and check out everything that you’ve got to offer!

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Look into what may be available and seek out what there is that you can do in order to stay ahead and work out everything related to your situation. You’ve got a lot of different things that you will want to get done and, on top of that, you’ll notice that there are plenty of ways to go through with what you need and feeling good about what you put into it in the first place. Look around at what may be involved, see what you can find and know that you’ve got plenty of catering choices that will end up tasting quite good as time goes on. You will have a much better time and a better turn out, too.

Why Going Gluten Free Has Become So Important

Even if you are in normal good health, you still feel it. It is inevitable. You have earned your break from the week’s work and you have had a good workout at the gym. Your meal was not bad. It was wholesome, healthy and quite balanced. And, since it was the weekend, you proceeded to settle down on the couch in front of your big screen TV with your favorite snacks. It could be crackers, crisps or a giant bowl of popcorn to see you through the night.

But later that night, just as you think you are about ready to turn in for the night, you feel an excruciating urge to go to the bathroom. Your stomach was turning. Why, what happened? Was it something you ate? Most certainly. It could have been anything on your healthy plate much earlier in the evening. More than likely it was anything from your late night snacking. Your crisps, crackers or popcorn.

organic gluten free crackers

Or your choc chip cookies if your tooth was rather sweet. The problem with all that you ate, even if it was healthy and you were moderate in the quantity you took in is that these foodstuffs all had gluten in it. It does get on your stomach’s nerves. It gives a negative reaction to your stomach’s lining. Fortunately, you can avoid this unpleasantness by turning to organic gluten free crackers, crisps, biscuits, cookies and popcorn instead.

These all make up health snacks that you so richly deserve. You worked hard all week. You have your body a good workout too. And you tried your best to watch what you eat. You deserve that break. But give your stomach a break too. Later in life, it will be thanking you.

My Favorite Jerky

Beef jerky is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, but I usually do not really like the store-bought stuff.  The type of jerky that you will find at a gas station is usually loaded with preservatives, and it does not quite have the authentic flavor as jerky that is either made at home or by a local company.  I do not like wasting my money on bad jerky, and so I set out to find the best hickory smoked jerky that I could possibly find in my area.  No matter where you might happen to live, there are probably quite a few local food companies that make their own jerky.  Trying to find the one that you like the best often comes down to trial and error, but usually the popularity of a specific type of jerky will help you to understand whether or not you might end up liking it.

I ended up finding a local restaurant that made all kinds of jerky products.  They made beef jerky, bacon jerky, turkey jerky, and much more.  After trying their beef jerky for the first time, I fell in love.  It was so good that I wanted to have some in my home at all times in case I wanted a snack.  Thankfully, they do sell the jerky in bulk, so I was able to get big packages of all of their types of jerky without any problem whatsoever.

hickory smoked jerky

These guys are now my go-to when it comes to jerky, and everyone I have shared their jerky with has loved it.  I hope they do not ever change their recipe, because it is some of the best stuff I have ever tasted in my life.  I don’t know how they prepare it, but I love whatever it is that they do.

Vacation Restaurants

Imagine for a moment you’re on vacation at the. You have had the best day ever. There was some amazing snorkeling, you visited a small market and got some great souvenirs, there was a wonderful nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Now you’re showered and it is time to head out for a bite to eat.

How do you choose from all the seafood restaurants that are out there?

What does it look like?

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How a restaurant appeals to sight and smell is immediate. The second you walk into a class restaurant like catering avalon nj you are greeted by two senses look and smell.

Seafood restaurants especially can smell not good. It is all to do with the short-shelf life. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If the staff is on top of things the aroma should be pleasing.

The look of the place is essential too. A carpet that has had thousands of feet pass by will look like it. Can you see the sea, the home of your supper? Is the ambience pleasing or utilitarian?

Are they ready to have you there all evening or will your plate be whisked away before you even manage to put the knife and fork down?

Is the restaurant in line with the price you expect to pay?

Good seafood can be expensive, or not so much. Think for a moment of the English staple fish and chips. It was never an expensive dinner, and in fact, so much of their business came from the lower classes where this was one of few sources of protein.

The question for the vacationer is, does the restaurant look like it equates to the price on the menu. How we know is difficult to express, but we do know.