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Touring Maryland: A Guide

Maryland, located right on the edge of the eastern seaboard, is a great travel destination for any family event, vacation, or get-away. There are many places to visit in Maryland in specific, but here is a comprehensive guide that will help to narrow down some specific destinations that might be more ideal for your particular vacation plan. If you have been contemplating a trip to Maryland, here are some of the sites that you absolutely must visit during your stay.

Castle Of Maryvale –

Designed in the likeness of the Warwick Castle in England, the Castle of Maryvale was built in 1916 and holds a deep history and upholds the culture of the state. This enormous estate is most definitely a sight to behold and makes a great stop on any site seeing tour.

Appalachian Trail –

If you enjoy the outdoors and love to hike, Maryland is one of the many states that the legendary Appalachian Trail cuts right through. The trail itself winds all throughout the state and can be found in most of the state parks, the Weverton Cliffs is a particular spot on the trail that provides you with a breathtaking view of the surrounding wildlife and mountains. The hike up is a bit strenuous, but the sights make it well worth the work.

Restaurants –

Between the hiking and sightseeing, you’re going to need to stop for some food somewhere in between your tours. Since Maryland is located near the ocean, there are some particularly fantastic seafood restaurants near Baltimore that are a must to try.

seafood restaurants near Baltimore

Whitehall Mansion –

One of the more particularly historic sites that Maryland has to behold is the 18th century Whitehall Mansion that offers tours that are open to the public. Seated neatly on a waterfront between 115 acres of land, this intricately designed and decorated estate is truly something to see.